Treating Epilepsy Naturally

Treating Epilepsy Naturally

Hard-to-find information on epilepsy, presented by an author living successfully with the condition Drugs commonly used to treat epilepsy have some extremely harmful side effects. Treating Epilepsy Naturally is an empathetic, practical, empowering look at treatment options, lifestyle choices, and ways of living well. Written by an author who has been successfully living with it herself for most of her adult life, this comprehensive guide offers alternative treatments to replace and to complement traditional therapies and sound advice to find the right health practitioner for you.


Publisher McGraw Hill Professional
Release Date
ISBN 9780658013799
Pages 336 pages
Rating 4/5 (93 users)

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Hard-to-find information on epilepsy, presented by an author living successfully with the condition Drugs commonly used to treat epilepsy have some extremely ha
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