Crystallography and Surface Structure

Crystallography and Surface Structure

A valuable learning tool as well as a reference, this book provides students and researchers in surface science and nanoscience with the theoretical crystallographic foundations, which are necessary to understand local structure and symmetry of bulk crystals, including ideal and real single crystal surfaces. The author deals with the subject at an introductory level, providing numerous graphic examples to illustrate the mathematical formalism. The book brings together and logically connects many seemingly disparate structural issues and notations used frequently by surface scientists and nanoscientists. Numerous exercises of varying difficulty, ranging from simple questions to small research projects, are included to stimulate discussions about the different subjects. From the contents: Bulk Crystals, Three-Dimensional Lattices - Crystal Layers, Two-Dimensional Lattices, Symmetry - Ideal Single Crystal Surfaces - Real Crystal Surfaces - Adsorbate layers - Interference Lattices - Chiral Surfaces - Experimental Analysis of Real Crystal Surfaces - Nanoparticles and Crystallites - Quasicrystals - Nanotubes


Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Release Date
ISBN 3527339701
Pages 448 pages
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