Bio-Energy Self Treatments

Bio-Energy Self Treatments

Bio-Energy Self Treatments (BEST) is an alternative medical therapy book. It is very simple to perform and has no cost. It is an advanced touch therapy method. Bio-energy is the natural energy in our body by which our internal organs function. This treatment is for self-use and to treat others for any disease.- Five Elements- Internal Organs- Pulse Diagnosis- Bio-Energy Self Treatments- Emergency Treatments (like Faint, BP, Heart Attack)- The Pain Treatments for the Head and Extremities (Hands and Legs)- Few Diseases and their Treatments (for Reference)This book explains the aforementioned topics in a simple and clear way.


Release Date
ISBN 9781648288210
Pages 122 pages
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Bio-Energy Self Treatments (BEST) is an alternative medical therapy book. It is very simple to perform and has no cost. It is an advanced touch therapy method.
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