Drive On! Preserve and Prolong Your Time on the Road

Are you a Baby Boomer? A member of the post-World War II generation? Retiring or planning to retire at a time when U.S. life expectancy has never been higher? If so, you're part of the exploding population of senior drivers on our highways. You're also helping to create potentially massive problems for our traffic planners, highway safety engineers and healthcare providers who are struggling to cope with the challenge of tens of millions of aging Americans plying the roadways. Or are you? In Drive On! six talented writers – most of them senior drivers themselves – tackle this question head-on. They sort through the many myths and misperceptions about senior drivers. They consult the best research available. And they draw on their own collective decades of experience to reach a surprising and welcome conclusion: You can stay safe behind the wheel for many years – if you follow their advice and learn from their insights. You will also enjoy their fascinating interviews, easy-to-use self-diagnostic quizzes and compelling personal stories, all packaged within this unique, concise and most entertaining little book. If you're a senior driver, or about the become one, Drive On! is invaluable!

Dr. BBQ's Big-Time Barbecue Road Trip!

From pork butts to brisket, New Mexico to Tennessee, Ray Lampe, A.K.A. "Dr. BBQ," has traveled the barbecue circuit and back again—and lived to tell his tale of a never-ending barbecue road trip that practically drips with tangy goodness! In "Dr. BBQ's Big-Time Barbecue Road Trip!," Lampe gives hungry readers throughout the U.S. the real deal on where to find barbecue to meet every craving, whether traveling the back roads or heading to the joint down the street. Filled with juicy regional recipes, crazy characters, and funny stories, this is one road trip not to be missed! It's time to eat with your hands (don't forget the paper towels!) with such mouth-watering recipes as: --Kansas City Style Brisket and Burnt Ends --Smoked Cornish Hens Cozy Corner Style --Barbecued Mutton ala Owensboro, Kentucky --Beef Ribs in the Style of Powdrell's BBQ --And much more! Written with the robust DR. BBQ flare, "Dr. BBQ's Big-Time Barbecue Road Trip!" is part cookbook, part witty travelogue, and part guidebook adventure—but all barbecue, all the time!

Road Tales: Short Stories about Full-Time Rving

Living the full-time RV lifestyle? Know someone who is? Wish you were? This collection includes seven stories about full-time RVing, each with a unique tale to share. From "newbie" full-timers braving one disaster after another to an RV park where residents seem to be dying unexpectedly, these seven tales look at this unusual lifestyle from all different directions. This collection makes a great gift to your RV friends -- and should be in every campground and RV park library!

Time Benders and the Long Road Home

The havoc wrought by the time travel of the Fitzgerald siblings continues in this third book in the Time Benders series. Mary has been dealt a terrible blow. She discovers her fate as a result of Mr. Brewster's and Thomas' trip forward in time. She makes a drastic and emotionally-charged decision to break with Ken. The protection of her secret comes close to breaking the bonds between Ken and his siblings, until he overhears a conversation and learns the truth. All the while, Kim is growing up, and impatiently waiting for her chance to make a mark on the world as her older siblings have done. She convinces Joe and Becky to join her on a humanitarian mission to Philadelphia in 1853. There to assist the abolitionists and the underground railroad, they find themselves trapped for many days in 1853 when Joe gets too close to a fugitive slave trial and winds up in jail! The trip explodes when Mr. Brewster alerts the others to the missing Joe, Becky and Kim. Deb makes a perilous choice to reveal their secrets to Uncle Darrick. All of this time travel is cause for multiple corrective trips in the machine, when Joe's cell mate turns out to be a co-conspirator in the Lincoln assassination and Uncle Darrick uses the machine to mend his relationship with his now dead father. Ken and Ryan travel back to keep Joe from conversations with his cellmate that dramatically change the course of history and Mr. Brewster must travel to stop Uncle Darrick from ruining his relationship with Alicia. When the dust settles, and the group gathers, they make several profound decisions about their fate, their memories, and their time travel and discover they have travelled a long way, and learned much on their long road home. These now familiar characters will warm your hearts and restore your faith!

Real-Time Road Profile Identification and Monitoring

Ever stringent vehicle safety legislation and consumer expectations inspire the improvement of vehicle dynamic performance, which result in a rising number of control strategies for vehicle dynamics that rely on driving conditions. Road profiles, as the primary excitation source of vehicle systems, play a critical role in vehicle dynamics and also in public transportation. Knowledge of precise road conditions can thus be of great assistance for vehicle companies and government departments to develop proper dynamic control algorithms, and to fix roads in a timely manner and at the minimum cost, respectively. As a result, developing easy-to-use and accurate road estimation methods are of great importance in terms of reducing the cost related to vehicles and road maintenance as well as improving passenger comfort and handling capacity. A few books have already been published on road profile modeling and the influence of road unevenness on vehicle response. However, there is still room to discuss road assessment methods based on vehicle response and how road conditions can be used to improve vehicle dynamics. In this book, we use several generalized vehicle models to demonstrate the concepts, methods, and applications of vehicle response-based road estimation algorithms. In addition, necessary tools, algorithms, and methods are illustrated, and the benefits of the road estimation algorithms are evaluated. Furthermore, several case studies of controllable suspension systems to improve vehicle vertical dynamics are presented.

Tea - a Journey in Time

During the 18th and 19th centuries, the quest for plants and seeds of commercial importance, every bit as valuable as gold to the British Empire, lead to the transportation of plants from one side of the world to the other. This volume examines the history of tea and examines the state of tea plantations as we enter the 21st century.